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V2Ray Online Config Generator
is a secured and free online config generator. We never share any public information all over the web for the users privacy, Please dont use our services in your illegal activity so that it will not terminated.
Select a server and generate below,
100 configs limit per server daily, you can generate 1 time per IP Address. Config Generated Expiration is every 3 days based on generated time
• Singapore 1 (100)
All servers are full, please wait until midnight for available slot. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Dont forget to download your Generated Config. You can also copy your VLESS configuration manually.
You may download V2Ray for Modem B315s-936, B310as-938 and B525-62a below

How Generate V2Ray Config and Install V2ray?
Watch video guide how to install it in our modem using Android Phones
[Video Tutorial]
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